Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool 7 Assignment
1.    After visiting the resources above, design a collaborative project with another classroom.  
I will be using The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education and doing the project called:  Human Genetics—Is the dominant trait most prevalent?
2.    Post the following about the project:
a.    Content objective:  The Human Genetics Project is an Internet-based project which will enrich a student's learning experience through "Unique and Compelling" applications of instructional technology. In particular, this project taps into some of the exciting applications of the Internet in education by having students collaborate in large numbers across great distances to "pool" large amounts of data. By participating in this project, students also have the opportunity to interact with experts online, use an online asynchronous discussion board to discuss project-related topics, and publish their own work to this project web site.
b.    When you plan to implement –Will try for the Spring semester.
c.    What tool(s) you plan to use—
*Recording data in surveys, analyze and draw conclusions, making final reports.
A brief description of the project:  Participants in this project will:
  • Survey phenotypic traits of classmates and schoolmates.
  • Compile data with students from around the world.
  • Analyze data to determine if the prevalent phenotype is the dominant allele.
d.           If you need to find another classroom - I have five different classes of students.  Since I teach a different group each day, I will have my five groups collaborate with each other as well as contribute to the project as a whole.  

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  1. Your kids will have a great time with this.