Monday, June 11, 2012

Tool #6 Post:
The first tool I chose was “Today’s Meet.”  I have used this in the past when as an ACTIVTrainer, I helped facilitate a meeting in the district.  We were teaching about tools for teachers to use in their classroom, and this was one of them.  In order to model the tool, the presenters used Today’s Meet and had participants give input through live stream.  The class discussion was led through Today’s Meet and when people wanted to contribute verbally, they did that as well.

I would use Today’s Meet in a class to enable my students to make comments and give input.  The more shy students could ask questions during the lesson, and they could do that through Today’s Meet.  I would keep up with the discussion and be able to see how my students understand the lesson based on their responses.  I can then adjust my lesson accordingly. 

The second tool I used was Wall Wisher.  It was very easy to use.  I created a fancy wall and asked my students “What do you already know about the Digestive System?”  This would allow my students to post their virtual sticky notes and I would gather prior learning in my students.  This could be managed very easily.  For example, I could have the wall up on my ACTIVBoard and while I am taking attendance or going around helping individual students, the rest of the class could be going on the Wall Wisher wall and adding their input. 

Both of these tools facilitate the learning process and add another layer to my lessons.   I encourage everyone to give them both a try! 

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  1. Wallwisher is a great tool. I think both you and your students will enjoy it. A great tool for discussions and a wonderful way for the kids to participate with hand held devices.