Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool #2 Response Post 

I visited 5 of the science and history blogs and found lots of resources.  For example, I found a neat virtual trips link on one of the blogs.  Some of the blogs have a lot of traffic while others don't.  Some bloggers have not posted in many weeks, and others post much more regularly.  

I enjoyed a discussion about the politics of education and I even contributed my opinions, though somewhat hesitantly.  Quite honestly, I prefer face to face conversations and posting things that I know others will read isn't necessarily my favorite thing to do. Being anonymous certainly lets people go of their inhibitions.  

I plan on visiting this blog regularly because it has lots of useful ideas for teachers of science.

1 comment:

  1. I totally understand your reticence. May I recommend that you develop an alias that you use for all your online work - be it blogging or anything else. I use an alias that is a short version of my name and a pic of my avi from second life. What this allows is for people to begin to recognize you as you become active in blogging and other things yet keeps your anonimity safe. I totally get that.