Wednesday, May 9, 2012

  1. TOOL 1: Write a brief post about your experience to date. Did you find the experience fairly easy? Did you face any challenges?
Creating a blog was fairly easy. Having the video that show how to add gadgets really helped. I saw it a couple of times and I finally was able to put my Voki up. Creating the Voki was fun. I especially enjoyed adding the voice. Being a huge fan of Star Wars, I just had to add my favorite Jedi's voice! I haven't yet experienced any difficulty. It is all fairly straightforward. I look forward to hearing from my colleagues!

1 comment:

  1. I loved your voki. I wondered if the walking dead were about to invade San Fran. The voice was cool but the words seemed to come from Yoda - and that was a mind swing - Yoda's words in Darth Vaders voice.
    I am so excited that you were able to find the gadget to imput your Voki on your Blog. We realized as I was closing up shop on Tuesday that the reason I could not show you all some of that stuff was that she had her screen extra big and that limited what I could get to. I will know better for Monday. Look forward to seeing you all.